This is the Archives World Map, a collaborative project to map every archival institutions in our planet. Maybe the objective sounds very ambitious but with the efforts of many people we can go far.

Anyone can collaborate using the link add an institution to send us some information about any archival institutions. The project maintaner will check the data and will publish as fast as possible. The database is free to use and we want to provide a method soon to let other projects use our data.

The Archives World Map website and the database reached a stable enough state to receive and store the data to be used for many years ahead.

The Archives World Map costs around 150 € a month to exist and will be funded by the maintainer. If you want to collaborate financially for the computing resources and working hours costs for the software improvement, check the end of this page.

You can help translating the website and software for your language also. Is just a file with around 50 phrases or words to be translated. To help in this way just send an email to .

To receive emails about news and improvements of this project sign the email group (just the maintainer can send emails) at